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Kindergarten Classroom

Our curriculum story

We have been a hands-on approach to learning since our inception in 1985 and High Scope Certified since 2018. Our current curriculum is based upon the High Scope philosophy and Indiana Early Learning Standards. The goals of our program are implemented by a daily schedule following: 

*balance of self-directed learning and teacher initiated activities.

*large group, small group and individual instruction opportunities.

*variety of experiences at different levels of difficulty for different rates of progression.

*Interactions with other children and adults. 

*flexibility along with routine

*play as an important and necessary role to learning.

*happy, loving Christian environment where children have fun along with teachers.

We implement the Plan-Do-Review, three-part sequence as children have a set time to plan their work time choices in the play environment, time to actually carry those out and then recall what activities they participated in. Another component of High Scope is the opportunity to engage with others in a large group with movement/music and then in small groups with more hands on activities. These allow teachers chances to document the learning. Weekly families are informed of their child's school day via the Child Observation Record anecdotal notes supplied daily by the teaching staff. 

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